Erin Creagh

Spinning is about showing up and stepping out of your comfort zone while jamming out to an epic soundtrack. Born and raised in Long Beach, New York, Erin curates playlists that encourage riders to be in the moment to find the connection between life, movement, and rhythm. Her passion for music and fitness led her to take her first spinning class, and she’s been hooked for over a decade! Today, she’s fueled by connecting with her purpose of inspiring others to challenge themselves while focusing on their physical and mental well-being. When Erin’s not in the spin studio, she’s spending time with friends and family, at the beach, hiking with her yellow labrador Maddie, or creating playlists on Spotify. She also dedicates much of her time to her 15+ year career in Corporate Communications and Marketing. Erin is also an avid runner and has completed over 12 Half Marathons, and is currently training for her first New York City Marathon in November 2023.